14 06 2021

Mirrors for bathroom

Mirrors for bathroom - heating, shapes, engraving, sandblasting

Mirrors in bathroom are one of the must-have accessories for the wetrooms, and one of the first things you will see every morning when you look at yourself. That is why it is important to choose carefully what you want to order, as well as what "extras" it should be with. In the top 3 of the most convenient additions to a bathroom mirror are anti-haze heaters (so you can see yourself even when there is steam in the bathroom), LED lighting (backlight) on the edge, as well as a sensor switch. Regarding the LED lighting, you can choose whether it is directed only from the mirror outwards, whether it is the illuminated part of the mirror by sandblasting, as well as what design it should have (for example, with wavy strips as in the photo below). Additionally, you can choose to have the mirror only bevelled or if you want it to have a chamfer (facet) on the edge. Another modern option is to have it engraved, but of course this depends on your choice of style for the whole bathroom. One of the more extravagant solutions is to have the mirror engraved in squares/diamonds.

In addition to having a backlight, heaters, sensors, etc. you can of course also choose the shape of the mirror. Recently, it is fashionable to put round mirrors in the bathroom, especially when they are illuminated on the edge. Of course, the shape of the mirror can be round, square, rectangular, irregular, and the mirror can occupy the entire wall above the sink or be built into a niche. It all depends on your preferences.