Color Glass is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the glass processing industry and in the glass art design. Following the latest developments we have built up a factory for custom made glass products, shower cabins and railing panels from bent glass, façades, windows, stained glass, bullet-proof glass,  sand-blasted glass as well as digitally printed glass with ceramic inks. Thanks to our experience, we can also offer you a consultation and projects from artists, designers, architects and engineers, familiar with the characteristics and the specificity of the glass. 

Because of our professionalism, loyalty and attention to the detail we are working with many banks, restaurants, cafés, chain stores, construction companies, as well as end customers. We are proud to say that we are not just among the best in our field in Bulgaria but company with many projects in Germany, France, Austria, Greece, etc. As an official representative and wholesaler of FAP and Baoli products for the region, Color Glass offers a full assortment of fusing paints and glass, art materials and tools for glass processing, creation of glass panels and stained glass. Our facilities and range of materials gives you the opportunity to rent furnaces, buy materials and to ask us for advice at any time in order to create your piece of art or even jewellery. 

Our team consists of professionals and specialist who follow the tendencies in the glass industry and attend glass exhibitions yearly. Everything that we have achieved is thanks to the restless work of our professional team as well as thanks to the partnership of many artists, designers, engineers, architects and other specialists. 




Given the variety of glass processes and treatments we offer and the specifics of the material such as color, thickness, saturation, transparency, texture and durability, we offer comprehensive customer consultation, recommendations and making a project.



We have our own production base with a completely closed manufacturing cycle - cutting, edging, faceting, holes, CNC machining, laminating, glazing, tempering, fusing, bending, digital printing, screen printing and more.



Considering the fragility of glass, having a professional installation is of exceptional importance. Thus, we offer you delivery and installation by experienced professionals.

Our team

Our team is made up of qualified professionals and specialists, who visit world-wide exhibitions in the glass industry every year and follow the latest trends in the industry.

Everything we have achieved is due to the tireless work of the professional team we work with, as well as our partners in the face of artists, engineers, architects, designers and other specialists.


Closed Production Cycle


years of experience in the glass industry


variety of art materials for artists


Loyalty to the customer