23 02 2023

Schower screens - pros and cons

Shower screens take up less space, do not completely block the room and are a hygienic alternative to bathroom curtains

Is a shower screen or a shower cabin the better choice for your bathroom? This matter is entirely individual and depends largely on the client's needs and budget.

Of course, the obvious advantage of a bathroom shower cabin is that the water stays almost entirely within the showerzone itself, whereas with a shower screen, it's possible to have splashes of water coming out while you're showering.

On the other hand, shower screens take up significantly less space in the bathroom, do not completely block the room and isolate the main water during bathing from the other part of the bathroom (which is a wet room anyway). An additional advantage when choosing a screen made of glass is the significant difference in the price of both the glass (since the sq.m. is significantly smaller), and the hardware that will be used, and of course, last but not least, the cost of installation. Shower screens are an ideal option that can also provide opacity when bathing like bathroom curtains, but in a much more comfortable, practical, easy-to-maintain and long-lasting version.

Regardless of whether you choose the installation of a shower cabin or the installation of a glass screen in the bathroom, we offer various options from the point of view of glass, the most functional for the bathroom being the so-called self-cleaning glass (or otherwise anti-calc). This type of glass has a significantly smoother surface on one side and does not allow deposits to accumulate over time. Of course, in all cases we take measurements on site and make the screen and/or shower enclosure to size.