22 01 2021

Glass railings - what do you need to know

Choosing glass railings - fixings, types of glass, customization and budget

If you have decided to have a glass railing here are a few things you need to know before starting your project.

Glass is among the most preferred materials used for modern railings and is in practice a modern alternative to wooden and metal railings. Glass railings can give a great visual impact, add a sense of space in the room and capture more light. They add luxury and value to the home, and when selected and installed correctly are extremely safe and functional.

Here are four basic things to keep in mind when choosing a glass railing for your home, office or public building.

1. There are different systems for fixing the glass

There are various systems for fixing the glass railings. Take a look at different railings and see how the different mounts relate to the overall concept, style and feel of the room. Keep in mind that the hardware determines the strength of the grip and largely the price of the final product.

Here we will look at the 3 main categories for fixing glass railings:

1.1. Fixing through bottom track

This is one of the cleanest visual appeals, as the profile is only at the lower end of the glass, and can be hidden in the floor, if planned upfront. Thus, in practice, the hardware may not be visible at all and only the glass may be visible.

 bottom track glass fixing

1.2. Stand-off glass railing

Point fixings are basically round stainless steel cylinders that tighten the glass. The glass is pre-drilled and then tempered and / or laminated to be safe. This is another very minimalist option in terms of visible grips. Another advantage of point grips is the ability to be used for curved glass railings.

 standoff glass railing

1.3. Clamps

Glass clips are a third option for fixing glass railings. This solution is convenient when the glass needs to be attached to side columns.

 side mounted glass railing

2. There are different types of safety glass

In all cases, it is important to make sure that safety glass is used for glass railings - tempered glass and / or laminated glass. The peculiarities of the project sometimes oblige the use of tempered glass, and other times it is possible to be only laminated. In any case, this is an important element that must be discussed in terms of requirements, technical capabilities and choice of hardware for railings.

Tempered glass offers security, as it is significantly stronger than annealed glass, and when broken it breaks into small pieces, which makes it safe for you.

Laminated glass consists of two layers of glass that stick together which is achieved through temperature and vacuum. This also increases the strength of the final product. And in case of breakage, one glass remains to hold the broken one so that it does not cut and does not fall apart.

3. There are different ways to customize glass – ceramic print, sandblasting, art glass

In addition to glass fixings and the choice of glass, you can choose whether you want printed elements throughout the railing, initials or company logo on some or all of the glass, as well as various artistic elements. The possibilities are really endless if you decide to do something more different and do not rely on a purely transparent vision.

4. Budget

Glass has never been the cheapest solution on the market, no matter how much products are standardized to reduce the overall production cost. But the huge advantage of glass is not only its appearance, but also the low maintenance costs and long life of the material. Of course, the price of glass railings depends on the configuration of the glass and the choice of hardware. One of the factors that determine the price of glass is whether it is flat or bent, printed or not, single (tempered) or laminated (double or triple), with thicknesses ranging between 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm, whether holes are required (for standoff for example), additional polishing, etc. Additionally, the price of the hardware may vary depending on the different systems, manufacturers, etc. Therefore, it is important to explore the different options for your specific project, starting with the fixing, consulting with a professional regarding the configuration of the glass and finally specifying whether you would like to include printed or other artistic elements on the glass.

You can see a small part of the completed interior railings on: https://www.colorglass.bg/en_EN/catalogue/interior-glass-railing-129.html and more exterior railings on: https://www.colorglass.bg/en_EN/catalogue/exterior-glass-railings-10.html