29 07 2019

Fused glass

Glass with a textured serface, handmade by an artist, which can be called art in the interior - suitable for doors, showers, partitions and more. Fusing is known for many years to artists and is certainly nothing new. At temperature between 750°C and 850°C glass becomes

1 06 2019

Patterned glass

Patterned glass is factory-made glass with various structural patterns to choose from, transparency depending on the structure itself. Different types of ornamental glass include Delta Mat, Punto, Chest, Crisette, Chinchilla, Golden Years, Mantar Box, Delta 2, Flute Mat, Flora,

1 06 2018

Bullet proof glass

Depending on your needs, we can offer you different classes of bullet proof glass, including no splinters option (NS). Our glass is ballistically tested.     

31 05 2018


Lacobel is clear float glass covered on one side by high-quality paint. Available in 20 trendsetting colours, the Lacobel glossy painted glass range features an attractive palette of contemporary colours. This type of glass has many applications some of which include walls,

10 07 2017

Float glass thickness - 3mm to 19mm

We can offer you different thicknesses of float glass - varying from 3mm to 19mm from different producers, such as AGC, Trakiya glass and Saint Gobain. The float glass process is also known as the Pilkington process, named after the British glass manufacturer Pilkington, which

1 01 1970