7 02 2023

Engraving glass and mirror

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Both glasses and mirrors can be engraved. Like stone, metal and other solid materials, glass and mirrors are subject to engraving, although they are sometimes harder and more delicate to work with, and at the same time more fragile. Etching is practically a purely mechanical process of carving the top layer of the glass or mirror and subsequently polishing it using various tools and abrasives. Once upon a time, engraving was a completely manual process and only the most distinguished engravers could "paint" on glass. Today, with the development of technology, we offer fully machined glass and mirror processing, including engraving that is not only straight line, but also follows various curves. This allows for the engraving of bathroom mirrors, hallway and bedroom mirrors, as well as the engraving of glass for front and interior doors, kitchen cabinets, and more.