31 05 2018

Fusing, tack-fusing & slumping glass

By immersing high temperature the glass can change its structure and show its artistic side.

Fusing is known for many years to artists and is certainly nothing new. At temperature between 750°C and 850°C glass becomes soft enough to give the artist countless possibilities to change the texture, the color, to draw with frits, powders, etc. Showing evidence that the real workmanship is at the appropriate temperature, the term fusing combines a few different terms – slumping, tack fusing and full fusing. It is important to know that these three terms are very different in their meaning and the artist should be familiar with the different states of the glass and the variety of opportunities that each one gives. Furthermore, fusing technique finds applications not only in art but in many customized doors, glass screens, bulkheads, etc.

Color Glass works with many artists and designers who can create a project for your needs. Nevertheless, if you are an artistic person and would like to create your own piece of art, we will be more than happy to give you the opportunity to make it yourself and we will only provide you guidance.