5 02 2019

3D (three-dimentional) glass bending

3D bending of glass with maximum dimensions from 2m to 3m. 3D bending printed glass.

Showcases, refrigerators, glass screens, penthouses and sheds from bent glass are only a few of the possible applications of bended glass. Furthermore, the applications are countless and the design of your interior or exterior can be absolutely unique and in-line with the overall shapes of your project.

Curved shelves, tables, refrigerated showcases, screens, railings, sheds, glass roofs and glazing are just a few of the opportunities that curved glass gives you. 

The process generally takes place in special furnaces reaching temperatures above 700-800 degrees in which the glass is placed. When heated by temperature modes with different phases and due to the gravity of the earth, it softens and fits according to the pattern on which it lies. Then the temperature in the furnace begins to slowly decrease. This is one of the most important elements of the bending process, because if the glass is chilled too quickly, it will build up tension and break the probability of breaking before leaving the oven.

We can even offer you 2D and 3D bending of printed glass.