31 05 2018

Glass drilling

The different hinges and handgrips require orifices and holes in the glass. Color Glass offers you different sizes of holes in the glass starting from 4 mm and with no limit in the maximal dimensions. For complete precision of the processing we can also offer CNC

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Sandblasting glass

In practice sandblasting is the process of propelling abrasive media to the surface of the glass by using compressed air. This way the glass loses its transparency. This process can be applied to the whole glass. Alternatively, it can be applied only to a part of the glass and

1 12 2017

Glass edging and beveling

After cutting the glass, the next process is edging. This is one of the basic processes that need to be applied to the glass. We can offer you both linear and nonlinear glass edging. Beveling is a process applied mostly to mirrors. However, applying it to glass is also