Kitchen splashback with printed glass

Printed glass quickly gains popularity because of its many applications for splashbacks in the kitchen, many closets, doors, walls, etc. Here we are not talking of simply choosing a color but a whole picture or design. This is the exact reason why the quality of the image you have chosen is so important. If you are unsure of the design you would like but have a general idea, we can help you with a catalogue with more than 25 million images which you can sort, search and choose the one you really love. On the other hand, you can also just send us a picture, collage or photo you have taken and we will print it on the glass.

Glass for the kitchen cabinet is something really simple and at the same time it could literally change the whole atmosphere in the room. Again, there are many colors you can choose from, however if you do not find the exact color you want, we can spray the glass for you. Another alternative is the printed glass where you can put a beautiful landscape, photo or something abstract which would suit your kitchen. The same holds true for the kitchen splash back – you can easily personalize it with printed or fused glass. Both solutions are very stylish, designed exactly as you imagine it and also very easy to keep clean.