• Project by:George Avramov
  • Processing:fusing glass, art glass, sandblasted glass, stained glass
  • Customers:private houses

Art glass by Avramov

Avramov graduated from high school in 1980. in Sofia, School of Applied Arts - major in Ceramics and Glass. In 1988 he graduated from the National Academy of Arts “Nikolai Pavlovich”, from 1988 to 1993 was a professor of ceramics at the Secondary Specialized School of Applied Arts - Troyan.

     As a student he has been involved in the design and execution of stained glass windows for sites of national importance, such as the pantheon of Georgi Rakovski in Kotel, temples such as St. Dormition of the Virgin Mary in Sofia, the Vanga Temple in Rupite, St. George the Victorious in Pazardzhik, hotels, restaurants, numerous private homes. Some of his clients include Unit Trade - X, Bull Ins, Fina - 5, Maxi Complex, Accord Hotel, Aphrodite Medical Center, Kaliman, Council of Ministers, Evksinovgrad Residence, Jimis and other. Some of his works are located in Germany, France, Italy and Spain. More on the Georgi Avramov's work you can see at georgi-avramov.business.bg